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You Attract What You Honor

Over time, I’ve learned and practiced various aspects and principles of my walk with God.

One thing that I’ve noticed is often underestimated is the law of attraction. As we progress in life, meet new people, and build relationships, we come across individuals who seem to be advancing faster or achieving more success in various aspects of life and careers.

It’s crucial to understand the power of honoring and celebrating the advancements of others, even if they’re not our closest friends or acquaintances. When we genuinely celebrate their growth, progress, and achievements, it can open doors to opportunities and advancements for us too.

Think about it this way - God often brings blessings into our lives through the successes of others. He might use them to open doors and create new possibilities for us. A great example from the Bible is the story of Abraham and Lot. Lot’s life improved and he was fruitful because he honored what was on Abraham’s life. His decision to stay and journey with Abraham played a part in his growth.

In my own life, I’ve found tremendous value in learning from different mentors. When I honor and celebrate their skills and wisdom, not just in words but through physical gestures like gifting, it has brought greater opportunities my way.

Now, let’s apply this principle to your friendships. If your friend gets a promotion at work, hey, celebrate them, rejoice with them! Not only does it strengthen your bond, but it also opens doors of elevation into your life. The same goes for any of their achievements - whether they excel in their career or do well in their studies. When you genuinely celebrate with them, you’re accessing the greatness in their lives.

Even seemingly small celebrations can have a powerful impact. When you truly celebrate the successes of others, you’re aligning yourself with the principle that “you attract what you honor.”

I’ve been intentional about this in my life, and I’ve seen how it opens doors that people themselves may not even realize.

So, let’s make it a practice to celebrate the achievements of others, my friend! It’s not just about being gracious; it’s about tapping into the power of attraction and embracing the blessings meant for each of us. Trust me, you’ll see how it brings more joy and abundance into your own life!

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