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We choose to Stay True, and We are Not Sorry!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Some of us have decided to take on this distinct path of life. We've foregone many desires and sacrificed many associations. We've taken on titles and endured assumptions from people about us. Been silenced by love to both the criticisms and praises of the world choosing to only be refined and approved by that which is not just right but true.

Back then, we could be found doing any other thing anybody could possibly do, now we can't be found anywhere else but in the presence. Warfare continuously going in our minds as we decipher any thought that was prior planted in us, contrary to what we choose to believe. We can't stand certain conversations or bare to listen to certain doctrines that people have so involuntarily yet ignorantly been rooted in. Placed in a crowd of people but feeling the highest sense of loneliness because of the surety that none feels the unexplainable weight we do.

Our hearts bleeding for the people who justify their convictions through reasoning and logical explanation, not knowing what to say to them but rather accept to be regarded as foolish lest we contradict our own way of standing. In the times when we are compelled to speak regardless of whether we are misapprehended it's not to pedestal ourselves or guilt-trip anybody into the faith, but because we have tasted something so sweet, and we'd be so selfish not to share it.

Love constrains us too much, we see through no other but the eyes of grace, not because we are any better, not because we were polished up for this with a righteous background but once the fire caught, we ran with it!

We are not just excited by the bright flame, we are not just ignited into vanity, even though there are those taken up by these, it's high time we redefined your perception of who we truly are, not only by standing the test of time, but also shaming the eyes of doubt.

We are great and we are not sorry, we are at peace, and we are not sorry, but most importantly we choose to stay true, and we are Not Sorry!

We are the Main Characters of our Stories!

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