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Too Loud!

Updated: Feb 4

There’s so many voices

The frequencies are unbearable

Silence is at its most unattainable.. state

As we walk paths so divergent and desolate

Surrounded with the white noises of contigencies in the strife for competence

There’s debate

To and fro of where to go

What to do and who to know

Because at the end of the day its all a show

Put up by pretence and preambles of diguise and no control

We’re slaves

to our own consciences just so you know

by every wind of doctrine we are tossed to and fro

not even once are we able to outgrow

Because we havent even realised that we are in a deep deep loophole

We’ve forgotten our core

The source of our power and moreso our control

the place where we yield and discover there’s so much more

to us especially because of our power of choice

We’ve forgotten how to tarry

Now I'm not just talking being quiet with the semantics of tongue

I'm not just speaking sitting still because that we are able to do even as

our minds are occupied with enticing videos and delightful tunes

There’s a clear line

that our hearts only would guarantee to be defined

as we enter those courts and all the doors of the outside are shut

and the only one before our eyes

is the entity that defined the beginning and end of time

That amidst the ensembles and orchestras of the days and nights

His inviting voice cuts through with the utmost clarity and is not demised

That we might turn our eyes and return to the place of true delight

Where we are robbed of corruption and insufficiency as we sit under His light

How I earnestly await to see that day,

Where our conversations with each other are nolonger interrupted with a scroll

Where series aren’t our automatic go - to for filling up space

Where we are not uncomfortable with the quite of the night as we seek His face,

And He becomes our favorite movie and our favorite topic of chitchat,

What glory would that be,

If we knew how to tarry.




I pray that amidst all the noises in the world, that the invitation of His Voice remains so vivid, that we might not lose the wonder as the world is losing itself all the more , suffering destitute and surrender to the vain desires and lusts of the hearts of carnality. There’s so much going on, but He is also speaking louder than ever before, do you hear Him?

~From convos with K.K

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