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Stay Rooted!

It’s the long-awaited season—summer is here, and the break is at hand. Having made all these plans and goals for the summer, I’ve had a lot to reflect on, leaving me inspired to write this with the hope of helping someone out.

Let me get straight to the point without enticing you with a scenario:

As you embark on your journey and make plans to execute them, the process of reaching your destination or achieving your goals will undoubtedly come with frustrations. It is during these moments of frustration that people often seek shortcuts or alternatives to simplify their path, all while aiming for the same end results. In the pursuit of these shortcuts, they may forget why they began in the first place and deviate from their original intentions.

These frustrations could be the hours you’ll spend, the labor and effort you’re going to put in, the freedoms you’ll have to forego, or even the people you may need to distance yourself from.

My prayer is that throughout your journey, you always keep your end goal in mind. As you endure the hours dedicated to studying, research, or labor, may you guard your heart against the frustrations and discomfort of the present, without overshadowing the place of your vision.

May the ideal lifestyle or person you envision at the end of this period be your source of strength, helping you endure the challenges along the way. Fight to stay connected to why you decided to pursue what you’re doing in the first place.

Don’t crack! Stay Rooted!

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