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Snap out of it- Part 2 : Subjected to Limitation

Updated: Apr 30

Recently someone asked me a question, he said 'How do you see life?' Pondering through my panting after pulling through my last couple of lunges to finish my workout I paused, and before I responded he exclaimed, "In summary", ah, this sounds like a philosophical paragraph worthy question if you ask me.

I remained pondering while repeating the question, then after all the possible answers my brain could debate about, it summarized that all in this; "Life to me is something underrated."

Now obviously since I was on a hot seat I wasn't in position to have a whole pre made justification statement on this point but I was sure it wasn't just a random claim, it was as deep as I felt it was.

When I came back home, I had the chance to actually think on this, I wasn't thinking about other better answers I would have given, I was thinking about why I gave that answer, and this is what hit me:

Life is subjective and is looked at differently by different people, the capacities, the purposes, the stages and developments of life all vary from person to person, and with every passing day, new discoveries, explorations, and theories are made about it, people are learning more about the new functioning of the human body, existence of different species and forms of life, they are expanding their capacities of knowledge and defining laws and principles of why things happen the way they do.

This shows we have never come to the full understanding of this phenomenon called life, we have never reached the completion or rather full exploitation of life.

Studies have shown that the average person uses 10% of their brain capacity!

Obscurity of this capacity leads people to form their own boundaries and purposes of life, they there fore define qualities and systems to try to draw borders on what life can be to feel like they have control over each other or themselves, they limit their sight, impose systems like the education and economic systems defining the capacities of societies and their ranks, limiting even the generations after them to only that which they know.

Typical example of an African parent, when having conversations to their children about career paths, they will always start off with an easy lay down "You can become anything you want..." and then, they draw the boundaries of those wants, "You can be a DOCTOR, LAWYER OR ENGINEER, anything, anything at all!"

And in my mind I'm thinking, 'Well, if I can be anything, are there any other things you'd consider as examples, because if you talk my growing mind that thinks your the most legit source of information at this point in time into thinking that my mama or papa gives me these examples because she knows what’s best to pursue, so I either be what she’s saying or I don't, as you grow into school, the teachers just add ketchup to the fries and the ketchup is that they give you reasons to become a doctor/lawyer/engineer/ like them(teacher) additionally, you hear a couple of friends who have their way ahead in information and you hear one say, "I got sick a lot, and I don't want people to go through the same. That's why I want to be a doctor when I grow up!" and you're like wow, people have their lives scripted out already! so you also find a something to justify it with and you're good to go!

That my friends, is what Don Miguel Ruiz in his book Mastery of Self defines as Domestication.

We are way more than we have even discovered, and whether consciously or subconsciously, to define the boundaries of your capacity and take a step into expanding you ability to exploit this capacity for your purpose as you grow and gain more, requires will and the ability to take on the risk of stepping out of the boat of comfort and mediocrity because we can blame the systems all we want, but that's not going to change anything, breaking the loop begins with you!

List down your goals, Get those skills, educate yourself on what you need to learn get rooted into a place/person/community that always stirs that inner person to challenge themselves! Start working on your body, Change your tiktok fyp algorithm, redefine your insta following! Just start somewhere!

I believe that we were created for a purpose, all this brain power, and strength and competence to thrive in this particular planet and soon to be beyond, can' t just be sitting in people's mind to pass time!

And I'm not saying the 'normal' is at all bad, but, to that one that has that question in their heart, to that one that feel that there's more to the routine people are enslaved to, the theoretical educational systems that don’t teach people to be creative thinkers but rather walking information sponges that obey authority, that one that is feeling the frustrated potential that I'm talking about, that one who feels different from their friends and peers because you don’t see yourself becoming any of the things every typical person pursues, who feels like their parents disregard their paths of interest mostly because they fall out of the brackets they have drawn for you!

There's so much room in this world for every person on the face of this earth to be great and not just the 'great' that people have defined in owning a certain car and being with a certain net-worth! Sounds pretty overestimated right? Well, that’s because you are still within the boundaries other human beings have set for you!

It's high time you stepped out of the box and set on a journey to finding out who you are, and finding out who Your Maker says you are, would be a great start if you asked me because, nothing has ever challenged the way I viewed life and my capacities and influences like the Word ! (Acts 17:28)

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