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Snap out of it!

Updated: Apr 30

The biggest gap between your goals and where you are now is execution.

The world has been designed to develop a system that automatically plans a life for you if you don’t step in and do it yourself! In simple terms if you’re not working towards your own lifestyle you’re working towards someone’s else’s, achieving someone else’s goals and walking someone else’s preset journey.

And even when you perhaps wake up and start asking the questions of why you’re doing what your doing, learning those subjects and taking those courses that are probably not even relevant or even pursuing a certain career because apparently that’s the only recognized title you can carry around your society, you always end in frustration and throwing tantrums about how it’s the fault of everything and everyone in your life!

Sometimes, you may even reach a turnaround point in life because of that one motivational TikTok video or Instagram post an influencer made on the 7 steps to success, the 3 ways of earning money and 4 Must dos to become famous. You get out of bed, you set goals and come up with all these crazy ideas and strategies on how this is going to work following all the steps that you’ve been given in the video.

(Let’s say it’s beginning your productivity journey) You’re ready to go, there’s nothing stopping you know, you’re going to wake up, plan your day, lay your bed, journal, meditate bla bla bla…. First day… second day you have an appointment in the morning and can’t necessarily or you happen to wake up late, the streak is broken, you never open that journal, you never lay your bed in the morning again, things just seem to pile up and the video said nothing about what to do with the in between and small details of the process, it didn’t talk about when your programs occasionally shift or what to do when you actually don’t feel like meditating or even what meditating is.

It was temporary motivation… a nudge at the back that didn’t tell you that you could break your foot when you jumped or twist your ankle as you walked. You got excited with the idea but you didn’t make the ultimate choice of committing yourself to the executions of it.

There was a lot of hype, you thought you’d be pro in a day but here we are back to square one.

The challenges, the demotivation all those minor setbacks within the process of these steps were not discussed and so they crash the zeal one has to continue.

Well I’d hate to break it to you but there’s no circumstance, no financial situation, no parents’ bias and imposing opinion you can blame for your not achieving you ideal lifestyle.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, You don’t have to be a certain age to develop a not just a mindset, but a DISCIPLINE, that makes decisions and asks question of finding their purpose, you don’t have to wait till you’re done with school to start getting the skills that are actually relevant to the evolving world, you don’t have to feel approved by certain people (can be your parents) who try limit you to certain bounds and expectations enslaving you to a specific path of life, to start exploring your interests and trying out different passions, you don’t have to have a masters degree in English to start writing those blogs and making that content.

Set a goal, find and list down the things you can do to work towards that goal at a smaller scale everyday, execute and learn on the way, it could be watching a video about a skill you’re interested in having everyday, it could be taking a course or even spending your first 30 minutes of the day exercising and the last 30 minutes of your day not on your phone just writing your nightly thoughts, just start somewhere, for it is only when you start that you’ll find out the knowledge you need to keep moving when you get stuck. Document your solutions, and help others, keep this flow consistently and watch how you’ll break out of the loop!

You could also be reading this and getting the excitement but remember it will only be called progress if it has a goal, and tasks to execute towards that goal!

Snap out of the loop, systems are defined by boundaries and limited possibilities and those boundaries are what you choose them to be!

If you find it difficult or still have questions about taking such steps, you can send me a message below and let’s get to know each other, it’s always good to have a connection with a community that encourages each other.

I’ll also be creating a YouTube channel soon so watch for that, as I share this journey with you :)

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