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On this Day 1: Wasting Kingdom Time

Updated: Mar 1

Made this a series because I'll definitely do more of them:

On this day two years ago, I had just began my walk of faith (accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior) and oh wow was I (and still is) a student, I write a lot about everything every time I am able. This is one of those scribbles I just had to jot down that not so quiet night as I was tucked into my bed listening to a sermon and waiting for the Spirit to take me away for the rest of the night. And this is what it says just in case my handwriting is not clear also because I took this picture in the night:

"Sometimes we act childish in the things of God, the afflictions that come our way during our walk of faith that divert us from even what really matters mbu (a word in my language which in this context is translated as "that") "we are binding the works of the devil at 3 AM". These are certain things we shouldn't waste energy on because of the identity we carry and the wisdom and power thereof! Don't waste kingdom time on things that aren't expected to shake you at all!

Ahh! I read this over and over and each time I'm even rebuked more than the last, to give you context; this note was written after I spent 35 minutes of the sermon I was listening to in a fight with a flying cockroach on the door of the bedroom. Mmm yes, the mystery flying cockroach, in 5 seconds I had a whole debate with the Holy Spirit on how he took a regular cockroach and thought, "You know what this needs? The ability to fly directly at people's faces." I cannot lie to you one bit that I tried to ignore it, no, my friend this cockroach is flying! Let me tell you the moment I switched on the light to see what was buzzing about in the room, (yes, brethren it also made really loud sound like a trapped swarm of bees eh!) I was sweating bullets, my heart was racing faster than a cheetah on caffeine, and my brain was screaming "Ayaaa!" like a UNEB student when a teacher walks in with test results and a cane. (That's when you know it about to go down).

As the sermon continued, I found myself getting more and more distracted by the cockroach's flight. I couldn't help but follow its movements with my eyes, scooching back and forth in my bed as it darted around the room. Before I knew it, over 35 minutes had passed, and I had barely paid attention to the sermon at all. I realized that I had been entirely consumed by the flying cockroach, and it had taken over my thoughts and attention. I was angry at the cockroach but mostly myself, I jumped out of my senses for a second and asked myself, what am I even doing? How can I let such a small thing gain control over my functioning? I am way bigger than this! The anger I had for myself started to feel more like shame! I stood up and reached out for my slipper and took the cockroach out without even thinking, swept it up took to the trash and came back to my bed to rewind the sermon. And that's when it hit me, and as minor as it may sound, I repented to God.

What two years ago me is trying to say in this image is; God Reveals to Redeem! He doesn't speak pages and pages of glory over you for you to just get excited and sit back down and let the winds of the world push you back and forth!

NO! (In my spiritual father's voice!)

The Bible says that He has not given us the spirit of bondage again unto fear...but of power! love! and sound mind! many of the Christians in the world toil and sweat over things and fight with the devil as though they are equals for things, they have power not only to obtain but to create! That's why when Paul tells us that our weapons of war are not carnal (of the world) but rather spiritual, mighty for the pulling down strongholds (if you read the context of the above verses the strongholds, he refers to are the thoughts in one's mind!) Oh my, the biggest battle we have is the one with our selves, one with that small voice inside our minds that lists down all possible negative outcomes and limitations we possess in the flesh! But that's not who we are, that's why the Bible also tell us that one day we will look at the devil and say, "Is this what has been tormenting us all this time?"(Isaiah 14:16)

There are certain things you're expected to sip tea over child of God! There are certain situations that you're supposed to sing praises out of, there are certain storms you are supposed to deeply sleep in!

This article is not just to boost your faith into excitement but to make you question how much you know who you are in Christ! You have better business to think about! Kingdom Business!

And those who seek to be part of this royal family, and to know whom they are more or are looking for a community to help them grow. I'm glad you are here! Just be sure to leave me a message and ideally your email and to your inbox I'll fly :)

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