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Of Gratitude...

I receive many gifts from a lot of people, some may not even regard them as gifts but to me even a the least of things is so special to me. The mere fact that someone helps me pick up something that I accidentally dropped makes me feel so loved! Okay I know it may sound exaggerated but its true! I find pleasure in being grateful for all things and people around me.

Gratitude is something I’d define as the way you respond to any form of charity of kindness given to you by someone. It’s a way of communicating to someone that ‘I see what you do/have done and I appreciate it. When someone sees such a response they can’t hesitate to assist you or be available the next time.

You can’t attract many people if you’re not even grateful for those around you! Mr. /Mrs. Influencer, you can’t influence multitudes if you’re not grateful for even the associates you still have. Mr./Mrs. Businessman/ woman, you can’t attain many customers if you don’t show gratitude to the clients you receive. Gratitude will always cause men to look for you. Appreciation will always draw men to your bosom.

Kings cant come to your rising if you cant appreciate your own people in your kingdom! Helloooo! Nobody likes people with attitudes. One time we went for swimming with my siblings Parvin and Jo and so there was this lady at the reception and my God she had an attitude people didn’t want to approach her. At first I thought that I was the one over reacting with emotions but nooo!

The way she responded to customers, it was quite unpleasant. My battery even died and I really didn’t want to ask her if I could plug in my phone. Trust me if you were the one the zeal to even swim would just vanish but I don’t get offended so easily. So Parvin is the one who insisted that I take my phone and ask politely but I really didn’t want to move from my seat. No thank you no smile not even a calm response all was unwelcoming and disorienting.

I am not sharing this experience as a way of imposing judgment on this lady. my point is certain things which people take lightly have a great impact in the way they perform activities or pursue different objectives.

Develop a life of gratitude because this acknowledgment causes doors to be opened to you in the knowledge that you will respond to them positively.

Let ‘Thank you’ become your daily song. You'll be amazed at the things you'll attract!

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