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My Sweet 16! 🎂 ❤️

This was actually not intended to be an article but a caption on my latest Instagram post (tap here to see it!) though I felt I had to post it here as well: ❤️

Long Caption Alert! 🚨 ⚠️

I remember some years ago I wrote myself a letter that i would read when I turned 16 (yes I’m that type of person… not weird at all btw!) and so I opened it the night of my 16 birthday. Im not going to write it all here because it was pretty long and personal but most importantly I wrote about almost all the people that have made the Anita you see today!

I told 16-year old me that I enter the new age with thanksgiving for all of them … from My Parents and Relatived, To spiritual Authority (of which my Papa’s Birthday is tomorrow…. 🥳. Also pretty exciting how we were born in the same month 😉) anyways… I wrote about each of them and what they did, even those that sent me those one of a kind text messages that I needed at a certain stage in my life, the status posts, those that gave me a call and imparted a few things on me, those that I had the one time life changing conversations, even the YouTube channels that inspired me. 😆 (yes i do have them!)

When the Bible says Remove not the ancient Landmarks in proverbs, I realized how important these milestones or pillars are in our lives… regardless of how great you’ve become in life never forget those people that built you and fed you to maturity! 🧎‍♀️

Prolly making this an appreciation post too because God truly knows how I’m grateful for the people that have watched me grow and those I’m yet to meet, May God bless them beyond what they have believed Him for!

The next slides are screenshots from some of the beautiful messages I received( people don’t know how I take these messages seriously…. There’s instruction at times when a word is spoken from heart ❤️) from my mama and an impartation from one of the greatest teachers in my life (though he doesn’t even know 😂)

Okay Imma stop typing now 🤣

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