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Lavatory Monophobia!

Fancy title, right?

Anyways, here’s the story:

When I was young, and I know this is probably a common trait of children but I was terrified of sleeping with the lights off. Well that and the staying in the bathroom whenever I flushed the toilet. (Yeah, I have you thinking now!)

Sounds pretty hysterical but here was the theory; I believed that anything could happen the moment that toilet water began making noise. The monster that has been lurking somewhere in the bathroom would attack, maybe the ghost (which in my language is referred to as ‘Muzimu’) would just possess me, or even the random thief who has been pretending to be our neighbor/ motorcycle rider man all along could just murder me and I wouldn’t be loud enough for the people in the living room to hear me.

And all these theories made so much sense back then, than when I’m writing this now (since I have never brought this up in an actual conversation lest I sound weird!) but then I realized that I got over them as I grew and this all evaporated from my mind the moment I decided to re-wire my brain and show it that there’s nothing to worry about. I remember one time I went to the bathroom and then I was just about to finish, planning on how I’m going to strategically run out before the water makes much noise. And then I thought, “Wait a minute, I’m a grown woman! There’s nothing in here! and I’m going to prove it and quit being a baby!” (This was also provoked by the fact that I now had a younger brother whom I really didn’t want to see his big sister jump out of the toilet and question my dignity, lol)

So I flushed and stood still with all solidarity such that I could win the argument I was having with my brain.

In fact, to mock it (because I’m naturally a competitive person, even with my self!), I stood there even longer then gently moved out and closed the door. Honestly, I find this as one of those moments that I felt mature and composed #celebritymoments

Now this story, is not just to cause you to laugh at my childhood moments. The gist is this:

Your biggest limitation is in your head!

Many of us are trapped in boxes of retarded growth and stunted increase mostly because we have these voices in our heads that come up with any possible pessimistic reasons as to why we should not do or not go for that thing in your life.

Some times the battle is not with your enemies, nor the government system, nor the education system, not even the economy, the battle begins in your mind before it causes you to come up with excuses to blame other circumstances and constant resentment towards those that are a step ahead or have the things you're only wishing to have.

Beloved reader, weigh your thoughts and re-align them, fight to prove to your mind that the bottle is half way full, and not just half way empty!

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