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I entered 2024 with a Full Ride Legacy Scholarship

Updated: Feb 4

full scholarship recipient email


….is exactly what I did “internally” (imagined to do) when I was bombarded with an email notification as I took my seat to get into dissecting electrochemistry that Friday morning.

CONGRATULATIONS…. Anita Nambuuza I am pleased to inform you.. I didn't have to read this twice or even right to know that I had scored one of the biggest scholarships around town offering me a full ride into UNI!

A quick rewind to how I got here: During the fall I was ready and committed to applying to as many scholarships as they are. I researched, i clicked links, I signed up for mailing lists, I did all things you know one to do, watched youtube videos even asked around because all I knew was if there was a scholarship out there, I was going to know about it. There really wasn't much laid on a silver platter for me in this process but I will talk about that later, first, the story:

I stumbled upon this scholarship a couple of weeks after school started, shared it with a couple of my friends and we committed to apply for it— the issue was it was about 2 days to the deadline (maybe one because I remember staying up a bit writing the essay) and we needed to have reference letters as well. This was the first scholarship I found and I was super enthusiastic to see it through, and to be honest, I would have let it go due to fear that I wouldn’t make the deadline but the ONE IN ME didnt let me think that way, I felt like something was up with this one, I couldnt let it go (I remember even saying the same thing to someone , because she asked why I couldnt just apply for ones where I had more time) — little did she know I am a crazy faith kinda girl.

Any ways, 20 MINUTES to the deadline I am waiting for the last refenrence letter to come in, I sat in my chemistry class as my heart was pounding through my amygdala (surprisingly, i had a very terrifying inner peace) The reference letter comes in so I log in to the portal every other document submited just ready to put in that one letter and press submit, it was supposed to be perfect but when I pressed that submit button… it told me, SUBMISSION FAILED!

Not once not twice but 300+ times I tried to submit, NOTHING WORKED, I even logged into my friend's phone to do the same, FAILED! left in the middle of class and went to the library to use the computers there, FAILED! From there I accepted defeat, closed the application and told my friends I’d just get the next one. ( The terrifying peace still tarried here btw) In my heart I was fighting the overconfidence within trying to make myself understand that i should be disappointed and sad as my friend wondered why I wasn't too.

Long story short, I threw that at the back of my head after receiving an email the day after that my application portal closed and I wasnt able to submit, continued my process of hunting and gathering and went on. THREEE DAYS LATER! THREE! I got another email, saying that my application was taken and they needed me to reveiw a few documents.

‘HOLD UP!! WHAT??’ You just said you didnt even see my application a few days ago, I was shocked, but even more that was the greatest confirmation I have ever recieved that even justified that terrifying peace I had, of course my brother Jo and I had to dissect this great testimony before I told mother. “Well, it made perfect sense this was the year of EXTRAORDINARY RESURRECTIONS (2023), The Lord had to make a grand gesture of course” we concluded.

I did what I had to do and waited in thanksgiving, In November I really sealed it down my spirit that this was mine (wrote in my journal)! And here we are, your very own Ted Rogers Legacy Scholar next Fall!

Me writing this article shows how much gratitude and awe I have inside that cant fully be expressed in any form of speech or even writing.

This journey had nailed me down to what I will boldly say God consecrated me to purpose myself to, it is to pour into OTHERS! I know of the potential and capactities that students have, my acquaintances, friends, random people I encounter, I feel this strong anticipation for who they are and feel like sometimes a person is always just a door away from doing the most and maybe leaving a mark in their time, for their people or even the world!

This brings up the thing that I said I would talk about later; I noticed how there’s not much of those opportunities laid out on a silver platter for anyone willing to take them even though people say that they are, there's the conversations adults and teachers have encouraging you and pushing you to appy to scholarships but never really help you fully understand or even teach you how to do so!

They may tell you to be more inovlved and do all these fancy classes and this and that, but when it comes to putting those experiences down in words, and being able to describe them and present yourself to the world the way you DESERVE to be presented is never something we are lectured about or even taught to know of ourselves.

We are told that scholarships are given to those who do "extra" but its more so those who know how to present themselves as the UNIQUE people that they are because everyone is regardless of whether you did the extra or not!

And trust me when I say, I have chosen to share this journey of entering opportunities with y'all because of how much I believe in young people, in “us”  and not just me, in running this race and looking around seeing others WIN and write history with me.

We can't invest all this time in school all to be wasted, the matrix got nothing on us! Therefore, in a few I am working towards this huge dream of preparing a package for my student out there to prepare you and equip you with essentials on your application journey -- I am not yet quite sure what is going to be put in this package all I know is there's certain things I have done so that you (student) don't have to.

Stay on the lookout on all social media and/or subscribe to these articles to keep updated on when I launch that package and what’s happening with me as I walk along this journey of life!

Super excited for the journey coming ahead!

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