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Her Great Price!

Neither gold nor silver

Nor monument nor statue

Your worth and your value

Are far beyond title

Not diamonds

Not rings

Not even gold raiment

Your love and care

Is equal to no payment

I tried I failed

To compare thine beauty

Not lilies not daisies

Not even roses,so pretty

The things you prioritize

The time you sacrifice

The devotion and commitment

Beyond what could suffice.

In wisdom and skill

You speak with much zeal

Determined for success

Your presence is a great thrill

Decisions so quick

Potential so vivid

At thy command

Every element is timid.

With and as Authority

You instruct your own

And groom them for greatness

As the Queen on the throne.

Dedicated to: My Mother on her Birthday (4th October)

By: Nambuuza Anita

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