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Find Purpose II

Back in primary school, whenever a school year was beginning,if we had got a new teacher, or if the teacher was giving us a pep talk, there would always be a survey that went around the class where we were asked our names, sometimes age and the ultimate question; Our dream career or job!

Well,this was, as it seemed to everyone a very easy question but then to Me this was something that I spent year without knowing the answer.

Of course there were very many options to choose from as the majority picked doctors, teachers (mostly to please the teacher 😉) , lawyers, engineers which are all beautiful but as for me I always wanted to be unique and I would find it a big trouble to say something that everybody has said because I would always ask myself, “If everybody becomes a doctor or a teacher or a lawyer then why do other interesting things to do in the world exist why can’t I do something different?” and so I was always the one that would cause a minute or two of silence and perhaps a 30 second anxiety breakdown in the students as the teacher patiently waited for my answer!

Luckily I kept meditating on that even before which gave me a head start on where to think from but even then.. at the last moment my mind would keep debating upon what I had chosen till I’d finally erupt with a unique occupation.. My signature occupation till I eventually changed to “software engineer” was A Psychologist!

Yes, I was the only one who could think of such a very big word and so … mission “Being Unique” accomplished!

I didn’t know much about psychology and I wasn’t inspired to do it by any one in the first place. However, I thought that maybe if I study about it and know what it means I may actually get to like it and possibly become an actual psychologist.

So my quest was defined and I set off on an adventurous journey on finding out what Psychology actually was!

I did make my research and it turned out that it was involving the Studying someone’s mind and I was like “Okay sure this might be interesting!” (Kinda making me feel like I’ll become a super hero who’d read people’s minds and supernaturally tell them what they were thinking or even what they ate for dinner like some kind of Super psychic 🦸‍♀️)

Well turns out the more I found out what it actually was, it kinda seemed less amazing. Even lesser when I gave my life to Christ. Because a certain way the minds and thoughts of not only people but events become so open to me. And everyday as I grow and learn to master this realm, my life is full of synchronicities with the Spirit.. The way I speak certain things in their accuracy, the way I do something because I knew someone is about to tell me to do it. It all comes naturally now as I learn to to be cautious of the Spirit.

What am I trying to say.. as I tried to say in Part 1 that purpose isn’t determined by one’s excitement or anxiety even though ones personal preference could be a factor.

Finding Purpose sometimes takes a study journey or a research party on the point of subject !

Child of God, don’t just pick a random career that you’ve never heard just because you want to be “unique” or different in thinking that would make you the better one 🤦‍♀️

The thing that makes you unique or creates a distinction in your career or job or anything you’d like to do is the quality of knowledge and skill you’ve invested!

(PS: The more you learn about something, the more interesting and fun to do it gets!)

How capable are you in excelling at that career/job/course/thing?

How much time have you invested in understanding what you are pursuing before you hit bedrock and discover there was no gold? 🤷‍♀️

The Scriptures also tell us to do so!

The beginning of Wisdom is: get Wisdom (skillful and godly Wisdom)! [For skillful and godly Wisdom is the principal thing.] And with all you have gotten, get understanding (discernment, comprehension, and interpretation). [James 1:5.]

-Proverbs 4 : 7 AMP

Skillful and Godly! Wisdom. You can even capitalize it just to be more emphatic.

In all your ambitions keep yourself in the right standing with God…Find purpose!

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