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Divine Drama : Is it theirs or ours?

The first thing you're probably going to wonder about is the title of this article. Well, you know how as you are reading the Bible, especially the Old testament, and you find an event and you're just like,"Why did it have to be complicated when they could just do this... or that...?" or when you're like, "why did they have to go through all that when it could have just been easier another way?"

If you don't, then through these series you're definitely going to realize that there were things that were so logically not necessary but happened in Biblical events of which they were all for us (me and you) today to know how God likes to get things done and what is actually going on in His mind (which I'm pretty sure is something we all would want to know. It was something I wanted to define as simply as I could hence the name of the series "Divine Drama"

One of such scenarios is during the times of the Prophet Jeremiah in the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah. Jeremiah was in prison. Why? Well because at that time, the king of Babylon had sort of ambushed their capital city (Jerusalem) and Jeremiah had prophesied that the Lord would allow Babylonians to take over the city and that they'd capture the king too!

In simple terms he was saying that his own people were doomed and there was nothing they could do about it! Zedekiah was frustrated because honestly this guy was supposed to be on their side or so to say but remember he was a Prophet, he didn't have to speak what they wanted to hear, he had to say what he heard from God whether it was good news or bad news!

Anyways, while in that catastrophe the Lord spoke to Jeremiah and told him that his uncle was to tell him to buy land because apparently it was rightfully owned by his family and he was to redeem it and so it happened hence Jeremiah buying the land (keep in mind this land was among that which was soon to be taken) without question. He went through all the processes and then he was like, ah ah Lord! Please help me understand why you'd say the land is going to be taken and then make me buy land, isn't that wasting?

And the Lord said, "Jeremiah is there anything too hard for me (the literal version renders it, is there anything that surprises/wonders me?) the land will be given to these people mostly because the people that I call my own have one too many times disobeyed and dishonored me..

But this is only for a moment for I will gather all of them from where they will have gone and I will shower them with love and compassion. We shall be in a big love montage even better than before. So this land should be a sign of hope and victory for you!"

To put it all together, in many situations, God will cause us to have or do certain things where you'd be like "What's the point if this is not even going to be guaranteed/be mine/ be given to me?" He's trying to say that He needs you to stop looking at the immediate circumstance and try to adapt his perspective. He's trying to tell you to learn to Relax and Enter His Rest. In fact, only when you do will He even be able to amaze you and prove to you that He's been there the whole time!

All the drama is to make the story juicy enough for you to be able to find no possible reason to glorify anything else but GOD!

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