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Divergent! | Different = Superpower

Now this was not really an actual defined word to me, more of a movie title I saw a couple of years ago (also because I didn't have the vocabulary I have now, lol), but that was until I started to grow into and discover something very beautiful that I'd like to share with you today.

I am not sure, if in any of my previous articles I disclosed of the times of my life I had and tremendous fear of not fitting in. And yes, I know this has become the anthem of the day for people, but truthfully speaking, if you met me at that time, I would never have spotted that out as something that I did or had. I always felt like to me I was naturally able to predict and adapt to people's preferences, interests and thoughts on what is possible without necessarily considering my own and in that way, I reduce the risks of being one of those 'unrealistic' or rather overachieving people that always sounded pompous in normal conversations, in simple terms I never wanted to be out of the box! If majority was always going for one thing over the other, I would go for the same regardless of whether I had a spark of interest in the other. Normal was safe! Different was risky, unpredictable and just different.

I know very many people go through a lot of these kind of situations, bottling up their ideas and interests in favor of what normality says, staying in the radar of the general public and confiding the limitless things they are very much capable of doing!

Just to be clear, I am not talking about staging a coup, or fighting systems, I am talking about the spaces where you've shut down what you'd be learning, discovering, sharing, or pursuing for you to grow and develop just because of the desire to feel socially grounded.

Times where conversations are brought to table, that are not wrong, but aren't what you'd be interested in talking about at that time, where there's so much you want to say but not necessarily comfortable with the audience you have to share it with (friends, family, social media) and this is something that has caused so many people to make decisions they aren't proud of and more so, suffer with the burden of regret for not making decisions they were supposed to make.

You're afraid of being out of tangent, but the thing is, that tangent is drawn on their circles (of perspective, interests, ideas, thoughts, passions) not yours. - "A lil math metaphor for you hihi ;)"

You desire to have unique passions, interests, goals, ideas because you are unique! You feel different because you are!

Embrace that sense of unique value and channel it away from trying to limit yourself to fitting into people or groups and towards nurturing the person that you are. Unload yourself with the burden of regret and self-contempt because the beauty with this is even though it WILL take you a good fight with yourself over that anxiety of not fitting in and some sort of loneliness, you'll be amazed at how your circles and environments will adjust! (besides you have someone walking this journey with you that would love to connect with you and we fight together!!) *wink wink (Im talking about me btw feel free to message me below, and we talk!)

Choosing to deliberately tap into the gems within you, will attract those that are meant for you, it will bring those with similar passions in your circles, it brings the people who are interested in nurturing and helping you grow these passions to you, it will cause the conversations that spark you to grow deeper into your radar -- a little something I like to call SYNCHRONICITY...

You are DIVERGENT! It's not something to be afraid of, it's your SUPERPOWER and you can choose to embrace it today!!

And you know what left me even the more dumbfounded about all this, is that the Lover of our souls was in the know of all this before time began and that's why Isaiah said this:

LORD, You will establish peace (the original Hebrew translation for the word peace here is SHALOM, which can be translated to mean; ease, FRIENDS, peace, safety, security, PROPSERITY, HEALTH, welfare, FAVOR!) for us, For You have also done all our works in us. - Isaiah 26:12

****pauses the typing and breaks out in bursts of praise!!!!

AH! this has me stricken every time, (literally shouting as I type this!)

Dear reader, even as you tap into the greatness and unique value that you are, REST in this confidence that all things that must come along with the journey are taken care of! You're not alone!

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