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Creation Groans…

Yesterday I was taking a walk with a friend ( a very long one if I might add). Now for me I rarely take walks but this time I said why not. 🤷‍♀️

So as we were moving I realized many people kept looking at me. It was quite uncomfortable to have everyone pass by you with an examining eye as if you are a government asset 😂 but I didn’t mind it a lot because of course am a Creation by The most Amazing Artist.(God) They have to be amazed by the beauty of the masterpiece. 😉

So we continued walking not minding the people but as we were about to reach home we found this stray dog and apparently it was injured because it was limping. When it sees us it comes quickly as though it knew us.

Initially we didn’t mind it because we thought it was going it’s own way it kept around us then we first stopped to wait for it to go.

It then just walked a few ahead and looked behind and waited for us.

This went on till we arrived home.

And it was at home that this conviction hit me:

Many Christians today are in there closets asking God for their generation asking God for nations, asking God to be the answer to the world and create impact, thanking God for the dominion over all things in the earth and under the earth through Christ but not all have come to the understanding of what it really means!

When the Bible Says;

For [even the whole] creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God's sons to be made known [waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship].

-Romans 8 : 19

The Whole Creation Awaits for you to come out as A Son of God.

The trees, birds, insects and beasts of the earth are all anticipating for your manifestation…

Do you know what that means?

Most Christians think that they are here for only people, no.. he says the whole Creation!!!!

Even the clouds and wind even the ground and things under the ground they are all waiting to see you be revealed in power and glory!

I can’t emphasize the power that has been given to man through Christ enough in this art neither can I express how powerful this consciousness is but all I want to stir in you today is for you to seek understanding the power that you proclaim you had.

If I walked conscious of this earlier I would have healed that dog’s paw. Maybe that’s even the whole reason why he was following us in the first place but I wasn’t conscious of the thing inside me. 😔

Maybe it’s that kitten that keeps coming to your house every now and then.. maybe it’s heavy storm that always comes when you enter a certain place.

Maybe it’s that one person that keeps telling you about their situations and for some reason you’re the only one they are able to tell.. have you ever stopped just giving them an ear or being frustrated by them always around you and considered the truth that maybe you’re the answer to their situation.

Maybe the storm comes in that place because it is groaning for your unveiling. How do you respond to these things?

Do you take time and seek God on the reason of these synchronicities?

Dear Reader, Let’s cultivate a life of consciousness to the things that happen around us!

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