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Be a Man!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Well what’s that supposed to mean… yeah even from a female perspective, despite the doctrine of the superiority, bravery and the ‘know it all’ nature of the male gender, this phrase has been misused and often times misinterpreted by society in general.

These days, to ‘be a man’ means never to express your feelings, emotions or even an opinion based on the state of your heart, it’s always ‘bury it in! Suck it up! No one wants to know your pain!” which of course has affected men at large especially because there emotions are not considered or taken into account by society.

But why must it be that way? Yes, they are men but what makes them have any less of human characteristics like emotions. It’s the combination of these things that produce relatable results in aspects of life as far as sociology is concerned. For example, for one to be a great leader, teacher, mentor, he must be able to relate to the people or the community both formally and socially even as far as emotionally because with such a person it’s easy for them to relate to situations that happen in day to day life and with attained knowledge they are able to suggest different solutions on how to overcome the problem which is not the case with those that are ‘being men’ at all times.

This is why you find dads that cant associate with their children, they are feared as though they are terrorists, the kids are always in panic every time dad is home, they can’t share any moments or experiences with him because he may not relate. Why? Because he is being a man!

This is why you find that students aren’t proficient in their studies because they are in an environment where the people who are supposed to guide them can’t relate to their situations outside class forgetting that a student has a life outside that can also affect their studies gradually.

This is why you find marriages that are based on conservatism and no progress or development whatsoever because the two parties don’t share certain feelings or emotional opinions in the name of ‘being a man’

Sir! It’s not wrong to show your hurt, it’s not wrong to express sadness, or even happiness, it’s not wrong to feel down or confused or messed up sometimes, and it’s definitely not wrong to ask for help! None of these make you any less of a man!

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

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