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Are you struggling? Do you feel frustrated? Are your responsibilities and duties feeling too heavy for you to handle? Do you sometimes wish that you had that one answer to all your problems?

Well, congratulations! You have hit the jackpot to the secret behind a life where the burden becomes lighter!

Probably y’all are reading this thinking I’m going to give you tips or steps or ways to a kind of sleep, exercise and eat healthy kinda lifestyle which is less what I’m going to do however I want you to think about this;

If you have something you like, let’s say your favorite icecream or snack when you’re watching tv, I’m sure if you had the chance you’d want to have some kind of infinity supplier or source for your Ice cream or snack instead of having to buy it every time you run out. Right?

Yeah, it would also be pretty cool to be great or successful but not go through all the so-called ‘pain’ and hustles the men of this world have defined as steps to becoming something someday!

It’s no lie that The unpredictability of achievement causes a lot of frustration but what if there was a way to not only get what you want but the source of it!

In the Bible, we read of David, a man that discovered an all-in-one.

The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. -Psalms 16:5

God is an All in One prized possession you could ever have. He’s like the money(portion) and its bank (cup/holder) and also its security. (Lot maintainer) He’s like the water and its tap and also its river.

When the Bible says he maintains my lot

He’s trying to say he not only just hands the responsibility or your portion over to you like a heavy burden,(of which he also does for unbelievers)rather for you (His Chosen ones) he holds it for you and reveals to you that which only you be can be able to carry on hence the connection of the LIGHT BURDEN Jesus Christ was talking about In Matthew 11:30

Take it like a class whereby a teacher doesn’t just drop every knowledge in you but holds your knowledge and only drops in you what you can perceive or take in at that point.

Now that’s what I call an All in One.

“What must not he possess who possesses the possessor of all!”


If you’d like to receive This All in One God in your life it’s pretty easy!

It’s just a matter of believing Him and confessing Him into your life.

Just say this prayer out loud;

Father, I thank you for my life, I receive you as my portion, my cup, and maintainer of my lot. I believe that your son Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose on the third day for my Glory. I receive Him today as my Personal Lord and Savior. Thank you for coming into my life. Amen.

If you’ve said that prayer drop your testimony in the comments below and just watch Him work in your life. Welcome to the Kingdom of Easy Life Beloved.

By: Nambuuza Anita

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