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Above the Noises…

You can’t hand stop an airplane

Or run ahead of a moving car

From the sky above the clouds

You can’t pluck out a star

Not because it’s impossible

Nor because they don’t exist

But because they live beyond

Any form of bondage and limits

Like a bird soaring in the air

She keeps her eyes above your hair

Above the envy of the beasts below

She flies proudly ignoring the noise.

Is she pretty? Is she Lovely?

Are her feathers even pleasing?

It doesn’t matter what you think

You’re opinions don’t cut her wings!

Pride? Shame?

Pretense? Or Restraint?

She’s always a step ahead

Even when you try to predict her end!

With her destination as the prize,

She soars Through the skies,

Choosing not to be defined

By the on lookers eye!

“They’ll only keep shouting as loud as you can hear them! Live above the noises don’t let them define your choices!”

~Nambuuza Anita.

This poem is dedicated to those that are traumatized by what people think of them. You don’t need approval from everyone to be Someone! Be an original version of You!

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