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A Work in Progress…

Updated: Apr 30

Growth...When you hear the word growth it means you’re probably having it defined in the form of the stages you go through in life from childhood to adult hood. And yes, you’re right from the time you’re conceived in your mother’s womb; all the processes you go through in there to develop the features on your body and your brain being knit together, these are all processes you go through that define “growth” .

This development in your mother’s womb is even predicted by doctors over time for they can tell what stage you’re at and know the time you’d approximately be ready to come out!

This always comes along and goes on smoothly as long as the mother is taken care of and the embryo is always well fed... those that have complications usually come from what they received in while their mother’s womb and may face consequences of retarded growth among other effects.

We could go on and on about growth from humans, to plants, even animals but the point is just as the reproduction process is a gradual one in all things that have life, full of stages and phases with proper feeding so does your spiritual self!

Many people have fallen victim of comparing themselves to those that have gone ahead of them and have probably at a certain point felt like they were once on the same level with them.

Remember, you’re a work in progress! And you’re not given beyond that which you are able to handle in any phase of your life, and only when you’re constantly connected to the feeding you need to grow strong enough to handle certain stages, then some things will take longer than expected or even more than they should.

Take time and weigh yourself on the scales of growth. Is your star shining brighter and brighter or Do you feel delayed? Are you gradually growing your into the purpose you’ve been called to do?

Now that you know how growth works, invest time in nourishing your spirit with the Word because Revelation Redeems Time...

And even when you fall and make a couple of mistakes on your journey always remember:

You are a Work In Progress and God is with you with each step!

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