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A stick of thorns with Red Petals.

A thought that popped in my mind on my little walk to school a couple of days ago;

Why do we say a rose with thorns and not a stick of thorns with red petals?

Think about it, these are both characters of this particular item so why do we choose to term it as one and not the other.. and how's it that we find it so hard to exercise ourselves in the same perception regarding our lives?

Do you ever find yourself having talks that start with people describing life like, "You know life is not easy, its full of challenges... Math is a hard subject...." or " This is the worst week/day/month/year of my life - after a specific situation/event" or even "I hate this..." why is it so easy to choose to see life as a stick of thorns rather than the rose that it is?

This was toppled up all the more when I heard a speech of someone who told us a story that a psychologist came to his class once and showed them a white paper with a red dot;

white paper with red dot

He asked them, what do you see?

And all of them trying so hard not to think it as a trick question they simply said, A red dot. Complex, and overthought responses came in with time as he kept rejecting every answer until the class gave up and went silent.

He then told them that there was more to this paper than the red dot... and the more is the paper! He said that many times we carry inattentional blindess. The psychological phenomenon where our brain chooses to ignore some things and focus on others.

This phenomenon reveals our personal perception of life, its just like the glass half full or half empty scenario that defines the pessimist or the optimist that you are.

So what is the take here? The take is that in these two dimensions of how we see life, the ultimate middleman in what you take on is YOU! You see both, so what do you pay attention to?

Even at first sight, when your mind wants to lean towards the red dot, do you consciously recognise the paper and all the white space around it?

Well, to shift towards the white space definitely takes a minute of re-evaluating, that means if seeing the red dot meant for you to take action,make a decision, or react, you are going to take a pause, step back, and see that white paper for the white paper that it is outside that red speck.

I am deeply convicted that waking up to a world where you are constantly choosing to take that step back to think on the situation before you call it a stick of thorns with red petals, will give you the peace, and tranquility you need as you to behold the beautiful rose flower that it is and this will CHANGE your life (and of others too)!

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