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A City On A Hill!

Ahh! Paris, also known as the City of Lights, the City of one of the most easily identified pieces of architecture in the world (Eiffel Tower), well known for the great taste in art and fashion, the savor of brioche, and the tune of the cups of coffee making a toast as you walk on the streets. Who wouldn't want to dwell in such splendorous heights!

From this and many other cities, you can recognize why some areas are titled cities and others are not.

If you look at my Country Uganda, Kampala is the Capital City. It serves as an administration center, it's where most of the headquarters and main offices of different organizations.

It's where all the good things are! If you want fancy and nice clothes, shoes, you find them in Kampala.

Days before other areas were made towns/cities, living in Kampala was a big deal! The mere fact that you had a relative who lived in Kampala that would earn you a big status in society.

Migrating to Kampala was defined to be the greatest solution to problems of any kind. They believed that all rich people, innovators, and the families in fancy cars that would always displace dust on the village roads every Christmas Season came and did come from the Big City.

Those at the borders of the city would watch the lights in the city shine every night as they imagined the possibilities they could do if they were there.

The children would ask multitudes of questions about the life of the city to their parents who also wished they had the experience of the assumptions they were narrating to their kids.

If only you were a city! Then all would look to you as the main center of all answers, you would be the source of the ideas and innovations that are needed to change the World!

Men would tell stories about you to their children and their children's children. Oh, how great you would be! When your name echoes through the ears of all and doesn't leave their tongues, all other towns come to you for advice on how to become great like you and how to shine with such brightness as yours!

When the Creator of the Universe made you, he was seeing this in you! He then declared that you are A City and not just any city but a city set on a Hill! He continued to say that it Could NOT be hidden!

Refuse to live less than what you've been called to Live. Your dream can't be hidden! Your gift can't be hidden! Your innovations and ideas can't be hidden! You're the answer they are looking for in that job, that career, that course, your name is constantly replaying in their ears! You are that City! Believe it!

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. -Matthew 5:14

By: Nambuuza Anita.

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